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    Magician Guide



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    Magician Guide

    Post  yamato on Wed Dec 24, 2008 8:05 pm

    Stats Build:
    Int: Very high (primary stats). You need this for spell damage
    Effective Power = (1 + (INT-15) x 0.00317)
    For example:
    With 15 INT (Base int), Effective Power = base Power
    With ~94 INT, Effective Power = 1.25 base Power
    With ~173 INT, Effective Power = 1.5 base Power
    and finally with ~332 INT, the Power is doubled.

    Spell dmg calculation:
    Your INT: 173
    Your Attack Power: 300
    Your Spell power: Icebolt lvl 10 (250)
    Your icebolt dmg would be: (300+250)*1.5 = 825 dmg

    Con: medium high (secondary stats). You need this for hit rate (yes, spell can miss too, especially if you fight higher level mobs). Con icrease also hp/mp regen while sitting. It increases also slightly critical (but its irrelevant for muse/magician)
    Str: medium (tertiary stats). If you use staff, you can increase this stats even more higher than your con. Str affects hp, Defense, and Staff damage
    Dex: medium (tertiary stats). Dex affects your move speed and your dodge rate
    Cha: not important
    Sen: though this stats increase spell damage, the dmg increment is just too low to invest heavily on this stas...just leave it at base.

    My stats is currently (at lvl 94): (without item bonus). The numbers are not exact though
    Str: 80
    Dex: 90
    Int: 175
    Con: 55

    Ideal stats (from jap site)
    Status Total: Wand type Stick type
    STR: Pt % 10 - 15% 15 - 20%
    DEX: Pt % 7 - 10% 15 - 20%
    INT: Pt % 40 - 45% 30 - 40%
    CON: Pt % 15 - 20% 15 - 20%
    CHA: Pt % 5 - 10% 0 - 5% -
    SEN: Pt % 15 - 20% 10 - 15%

    I prefer to go
    STR: 20%
    DEX: 20%
    INT: 40%
    CON: 20%
    CHA: none
    SEN: none

    Spell choice:
    MAM: increase attack damage and therefore spell damage. It gives you also access to some powerful spells.
    Mana Bolt/Spear: very useful spell with very fast cooldown. It can be upgraded later to mana spear. leave it at level 6, since the damage increment of mana spear is just (10). Max it later though if you have enough SP
    Windstorm/Tornado: important for fast leveling your muse. Pretty risky to use. You need this though for luna stone.
    Luna Stone: Most powerful Area spell...i dont have it yet though. You HAVE to learn and max this spell though later

    SM: reduce mana cost and gives access to some powerful spells
    Ice/Freezing bolt: Pretty nice damage, slow movement speed and decent cooldown. You need level 8 freezing bolt to get Icebang
    Icebang: Powerful Area spell with slow effect. Icebang allow you to level up faster as magician ( I got this first, because I like it better and luna stone needs more SP, so i chose this).
    Lightning/Lightning shock: this spell is very useful and as it reaches lvl 10, it has area stun of 5 m, which allow you to crowd control even easier.

    Str and Dex are Defensive stats for muse/magician. Keep them at equal level. Pumping 1 stats only cost more points than if you add 2 stats, i.e: for 80 str, you can have 50 str and 50 dex.

    Level 10-20: Kill Woopies, Bees/Hornets. Avoid the Gluttony Woopies, they are harder than the common woopy and just give a little more exp.

    Muse Quest lvl 20 and 30:
    See it Here
    level 20-30: Go to Hill of the wind, kill dalping, beetles. when you reach lvl 25+, move to elveroon desert and kill turtles until

    Level 30-45: Aqua king at Lake of Anima, Moldies and union quest. Captain moldies gives over 1k exp, though they are harder to kill.

    * Additional StuffLevel 30: Go to Junon and join a union. Now you can do union quest for union points and exp.

    Level 45-60: Forest of Wisdom (Guardian tree + Scarabes). This is BEST place for leveling up. Be careful though, dont release the first Area spell. Scarabs can be very dangerous in crowd. Let soldier release theirs first.

    Level 60-70: Hard time. Go to Beach of Genzi. Avoid the battle against cailmen (especially cailman warriors). Kill Doongas, Junon kingkong. Move down to Crawfi at late level 6x. Be careful DONT RELEASE THE FIRST WINDSTORM, if you are in a crowd (Let soldier do it first). While waiting for crawfi king, kill the common crawfi, cailman hunter. Avoid the crawfi warrior/captain, they are dangerous..not worth for risk/exp

    Level 70, here you go:
    2nd job quest: go to Darren at junon polis, he will send you to lisa (the designer). Now she send you to get this item:
    Old chain of Priest (Quest item): Kill (first hit) Junon Kingkongs (you may need 2 to 30 Kingkongs for this...yeah its annoying)
    Now you have to go to Zant to Mina (Jewel seller) and he will send you for:
    'that priest (i forgot the name)' wedding ring: kill goblin warrior to get this
    go back to zant and now you need to collect:
    5 Hairpins: from Stone Golem at gorge of silent.
    go back to lisa and you will receive recomendation from her to darren for 2nd job
    you have to pay 200k zuly for changing to 2nd job.

    Now you are a magician!! hunt Krawfys until you reach 72-73. Move to Gorge of Silent, hunting apes and golems as you notice that Krawfy dont give you so much exp anymore. AVOID Grand Master Golem (GMG) at early 70. Hunt Doongas, collect them and kill them at once with Icebang+windstorm/Tornado. You can also solo Master Stone Golem (MSG) for 11k exp, just stay away from his melee range.

    If you are bored, change place to luna and go kill some slags/wolves. You need a tank though, best is a knight or a raider (with high dodge). You can also team up with a cleric (with defense aura), so that both of you can tank.
    Luna is a good place for making money.

    Where I train after lvl 80:
    Goblin cave b3: A little dangerous, you may need dex up or def up scroll, but essences are dropped like rain here
    Gorge of Silence (Top north Grand Master Golem Spawn): over 20k exp for 1 GMG and chance to get sporty drawing / uniques
    Luna: Crystal Plateau/Arumic Valley> Gemstone and refine material
    Luna: Temple 1

    lvl 90+: (in addition)
    Luna: Temple 2, collecting old remains(rewards 10 Pb and 120k zuly).
    Luna: Outside Temple, killing Frost worm, Wintermauls/leader, Wolf keeper. They drop refine materials and gems sometimes.

    Oh yes...about item:
    Good item for muse are items with stats:
    +4 int/ +15 attack (best stats ever)
    +2int/ -5% mp decrease
    +4 int/ -2% mp decrease
    +3 str/ +15 attack (yes this is applied also to spell damage)
    7 def / 14 magic resistance

    Wand or Staff is your choice.
    Staff deals more damage, more -% mp reduction.
    Wand allows you to wear magic tools (shield), which gives you more defense, dodge and eventually more stats bonus (like 3/15 or 2/5 tongue.gif ).I used to use wand before lvl 80, but as i reached 8x, and had higher mana consumption, I tend to use staff more often and often. So staff all the way!! because my build doesn't support wand user(wand is int/sen, staff is int/str).

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