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    Boss/King Guide



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    Boss/King Guide

    Post  yamato on Fri Dec 26, 2008 4:14 pm

    Adventure plains:

    Kings: Jelly king. Drops:Nothing Special.

    Spawn Jelly king: Lv:10

    Kings: Woopie king

    Spawn woopie king: Lv 25 Drops:Nothing Special.

    Elverloon desert:

    Kings: Aqua king, Master queen bibi

    Spawn: Aqua King Lv 30 Drops: Blue crystals

    Master queen bibi: Lv 30 Drops: Nymph wing.

    Anima Lake:

    Kings: Aqua King , Jewel golem

    Spawn: Aqua king : Lv 30 Drops: Blue crystal

    Jewel Golem: Lv 35 Drops:Nothing Special.


    Kings: Grunter King. Lv 50 Drops: G1's, Potbelly gun, Gurz, Bow of the Fairies. Devil axe, Falchion Gladius. Zamadar. Coyote Wand, Shinning Staff.Green hearts,

    Forest of wisdom:

    Kings: Gurdian tree, Grunter King.

    Gurdian tree: Lv 45 Drops: Pink Hearts, Falchion Gladius, Butterfly wings

    Grunter King: Lv 50 Drops: G1's, Potbelly gun, Gurz, Bow of the Fairies. Devil axe, Falchion Gladius. Zamadar. Coyote Wand, Shinning Staff.

    Kenji Beach:

    Kings: Krawfy king, Doongoliath

    Doongoliath: Lv 60 Drops: Blue crystals.

    Krawfy King: Lv 65-70 Drops: T1's Spero's Revolver, Falchion, Gurz , Zwei-Hander , Devil axe, Glaive, Bow of Artemis, Gatling Multi Launcher, Falchin-Gladius.

    Gorge of Silence:

    Kings: Worm Dragon , Grand Master Golem

    Worm dragon: Lv 80 Drops: Dragon Scales, Devil wing , Red Hearts.- Nymph powder

    Grand Master Golem & Worm Dragon @ 1 spot

    King: Grandmaster Golem: Lv 85 Drops: Sporty Schematic, Gladius , Spike Club , Phoenix Hander , Dark Buster , Bow Of Sagatarus , Faust , Lunar Seal Staff , Dust Wand , Chakram .

    Goblin cave:

    Grand Master Goblin: Lv 95 Drops: Sporty Schematic, Red hearts

    Planet : Luna

    Arumic Valley:

    Kings: Tyrant Warship Lv 100 Note: Golden yeti spawns here to. Drops: Well warships dont drop it but tyrant does. Shinning Fingers, Firangi , Chronicle Staff , Crystal WAnd , Falchion Firangi, Chakrams.

    Crystal Snowfields:

    Kings: Behemoth Lv 105 Drops: Nothing Special.

    Freezin Plateau:

    Kings: Dreaghtnaught king ( sorry forgot how to spell it >.< ) , Behemoth King

    Dreaghtnaught King: Lv 130 Drops: P1's , D1's

    well this is the best spawn:

    Behemoth King: Lv 130 Drops: Abys Rifle, Firangi Firangi,Faust

    Mana Snowfields:

    King: Silver yeti Lv 90 Drops Nothing Special

    Luna Clanfield:
    Astarot King: Lv 140 Drops: Blue Hearts , Astarot Wings,Falchion, Shining staff, Bow of the fairies
    sorry i dont have a screen of it.

    Planet Eldeon:

    Shady Jungle:

    King: Turak Lv 155 Drops: Nothing Special.

    Forest Of Wandering:

    Kings: Vagebond Lv 170 Drops: Lv 185 eq

    Marsh of Ghosts:

    KIngs: Moss Golem Lv 180+ Drops: Fallen Priest Wing and alot unique's

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