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    Getting started



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    Getting started

    Post  yamato on Fri Dec 26, 2008 4:16 pm

    How To Get A Job/Get Started With R.O.S.E

    When your new At Ruff-R.O.S.E. you may not know anything about this game, what the goal is, how the controls work and so on. Im going to try to ansnwer some of the first questions you may come up with, and a little guide how to get your first job/class.

    The goal in this game is to get as high lvl as possible, get good gears and be rich. There is no real main quest you must do, but there are some smaler side quests you can do if you feel like.

    From the start your character don't have any offensive skills, just the continuing attack which starts as soon as you target a hostile monster/thing. When you get a bit higher lvl, you get the chanse to chose between different skills which will make your attack stronger, heal yourself or craft items. Not all skills are offensive.
    When you learn skills, you can find them in the skill menu, Alt+s, or by pressing menu then skills. When you have your skill menu open you can hotkey the skills by left click the one you want to use, and drag it into the bar at the bottom of your screen, and then when you click the button that is linked to that place in the bar, you do the skill. The buttons that is used is the F buttons, F1 to F8, and then F9 to F12 to switch betwen the different sets of skills you can have.

    But first of all, your class governs what kind of skills you can use. Its called job by the NPC. (computer controlled characters a.k.a. non player character) So before you can get any skills, you need to get a job. Below there is a little guide how to get to the npc that give you your job, and which job to chose.

    A tip is to read this carefully if this is first time you play R.O.S.E, or you will need to learn ingame by trial and error, which takes much longer time.

    How to start
    When you spawn at birth island you can start training directly. Training is done by killing monsters (not really monsters :S Jelly Beans can't really be called �monsters�), which rewards you by experience points. You can also talk to there fairy by clicking her.
    To get any helpful information out of her, you need to say: "I don't know what's going on, Would you help me?" to her, then when the conversation closes, click her again.

    This fairy have a lot information about the game works, how you interact with other people and npcs. It could be a good idea to read what she have to say. She also gives you rewards for talking to her, such as experence points, shoes, fruits and extra skill points. The skill points is quite a big deal to get, because if you get them, you will have 10 more skill points then everyone who didn't talk properly to her!
    If you don't want to go threw all the chat options to get the skill points, its option 4, 1 and 2 you need to click.

    When you think your done with her, and you've learned a bit about how the game works, you can talk to her again and say you want to set of into the real world, and then say she trained you enough, and you come to the place called adventures plains. Adventures plains look a lot like the birth island, and you can do your first training here aswell.

    Anyway, when you killed enough monsters to be level 10 (the level is displayed in the top left corner of the screen) you can go to the city of Zant to get your first job.
    Easiest way to get there is if you get a teleportation scroll from any kind player passing by, or you need to walk there.

    Walking there

    Go north first (up on the mini map) until you see a arrow in the edge of the map, and above the arrow it says something like �Valley of Luxem Tower.� Go through the portal (gate) there, and you will come to, surprise, surprise, Luxem Tower!
    Then continue north and across two bridges, until you se another arrow that says �City of Zant� or something like that. Enter that portal to, and then go into the town, and then left after you passed the town walls. There it is two old men standing in front of a house. Talk to the right one of them (Warren) and say you want to change to your first job.

    Choosing a job
    Here comes the tricky part...

    If you want to earn more money by getting more drops (higher amount of ETC in each drop) from monsters, you shall chose dealer, and later when you are level 70, change your second job to bourgois (suggested weapon: launcher)

    If you want to earn money/get nice equipment by crafting stuff, chose dealer, and later, when you are level 70, change your second job to artisan. (suggested weapon: gun)

    If you want to kill fast with ranged attacks, choose hawker, and at level 70, change your second job to scout (suggested weapon: bow)

    if you want to kill fast with close combat attack, chose hawker and at lvl 70, change your second job to raider (suggested weapon: knuckles or dual wield weapons)

    If you want to help people kill faster (or help your other characters with dual clienting) chose muse, and when you are level 70, change your second job to cleric (suggested weapon: staff in the beginning, then wand; see the Cleric link)

    If you want to do much damage with spells, be good PVP but train slow, choose muse and at level 70, change your second job to mage (suggested weapon: staff)

    If you want to have good defense, and be the one in the line of fire, kill hard monsters and so on, chose Soldier and then knight (suggested weapon: 1 hand sword/blunt + shield)

    If you want to (...well usually you don't..) be Soldier, going to champ. It�s an ok class, but the thing is, this class is decent at everything, and not best at anything (suggested weapon: 2 hand sword, 2 hand axe or spear)

    This is the first choice you have to make, what you want to be able to do. (Not which class sounds coolest...)

    When you know what you want to do you can read the other guides for each class, links (the underlined names of the different classes). This is a very important part, to do a PROPER RESEARCH BEFORE STARTING! If you do a research what stats/skills you need for the selected class, it will save you a lot of time and frustration because it's never fun to have to redo a character because of messed up stats...

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