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    about the GM shop



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    about the GM shop

    Post  [GM]shadow21 on Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:33 pm

    ok first off all the the GMshops pricing is all messed up
    all gems = 250k???????????????
    are you saying a gem grade[1] is worth the same as a gem grade [7]...that doesnt make sense to me

    it should be like this
    any gem grade [1] = 50k
    grade [2] = 100k
    grade [3] = 150k
    and going up to grade 7

    same for the wings and other items that would apply

    so a lower lvl wing like a fairy wing should be 100k while a higher lvl wing like asta should be 700k
    it makes more sense because as you gain more levels you also gain more zuly

    it would balance the economy better imo

    hope it helped Very Happy

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    Post  Admin on Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:41 pm

    Then help me increase the prices of the stuff. Make a doc with all the listings of the prices of items, and email it to me at and i will award u 300k.


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    Re: about the GM shop

    Post  [GM]shadow21 on Mon Dec 29, 2008 5:44 pm

    u want pricing increased? by how much?


    Any item upgraded to +9 = 250k
    socket any item = 100k

    grade[1] = 200k
    grade[2] = 250k
    grade[3] = 300k
    grade[4] = 350k
    grade[5] = 400k
    grade[6] = 450k
    grade[7] = 500k

    Fairy Wing = 200k
    Nymph Wing = 200k
    Butterfly Wing = 200k

    L. Angel Wing = 400k
    L. Devil Wing = 400k
    Crow Wing = 400k

    Angel Wing = 600k
    Devil Wing = 600k
    Dragon Hunter Wing = 600k

    Worm Dragon Wing = 800k
    Astaroth Wing = 800k
    Seraph Wing = 800k

    All lvl 180 Armor (SET, NOT SELLING SEPARATE) = 800k
    All lvl 200 Armor (SET, NOT SELLING SEPARATE) = 1.2 mil

    items being [Brave] = 150k increase of original item. ex/ [item cost = 100k] + Brave= 250k
    [Legend, Dark, Saint, etc.] = 100k increase of original item

    All lvl 180 weapons = 800k each
    All lvl 200 weapons = 1 mil each

    All Backshields = 300k each
    All masks = 300k each

    Carts/castle Gear
    Any Cart Frame = 500k
    Castle Gear = 5 mil?

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    Re: about the GM shop

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