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    Custom Clanmark



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    Custom Clanmark

    Post  yamato on Sat Jan 03, 2009 1:08 am

    Way to register clan mark

    - Conditions of applying your own clan mark
    * You can apply Mark.bmp file into client folder so you can create your own mark image.
    * Only clan master can apply clan mark.
    * Clan mark image file has to be Size : 20 * 20, Color: 8 bit.
    * Clan mark can only be applied once in a week.

    - How to apply clan mark
    * Connect to ROSE Online and click clan info window. (Clan master only)
    * Click preview button to see the image of Mark.bmp.
    * Through button register you can use your own clan mark image.

    -When error occurs
    * When Mark.bmp file is not existing.
    * When Mark.bmp file image is over 8 bit color
    * When Mark.bmp file size is over 20 * 20.
    * When Mark.bmp file has correct file name but wrong file type, or wrong format.
    * When Mark.bmp file is deleted after register or while you are registering image

    - i cant make a clanmark where can i get it?
    Since Hazard rose has no clans at the moment go to another rose folder. click on the folder Mark and chose which one you like best. then go to hazard rose folder. Paste the clan mark in the directory and rename it "Mark" not mark1 just Mark. Go in game preview then confirm.


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