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    Refining Guide



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    Refining Guide

    Post  yamato on Wed Dec 24, 2008 8:03 pm

    Refining Basics
    Refining is the process of using special mats (Chemicals, "Refines," and on higher refines Hearts) to improve your gear. For Armor/Wings/Shields/Back shields this process will add Dodge, Defense, and Magic Defense. For Weapons, it will add Attack Power and Hit Rate. Refining any type of item will increase the item's Dur, but we will talk about that later.

    There is an NPC in Breezy Hills, Eucar on Luna, and Refuge Xita on Eldeon that can refine your equipment.

    The mats needed for refining differ depending on what you are refining and if the item has already been refined.

    To refine Weapons you need:
    (1): Chemical(5) Low Essence(7)
    (2): Chemical(7) Essence(9)
    (3): Chemical(Cool Low Ether(12) Black Hearts(1)
    (4): Chemical(9) Ether(15) Green Hearts(1)
    (5): Chemical(10) High Ether(18) Blue Hearts(2)
    (6): Chemical(12) Elixer(22) Pink Hearts(2)
    (7): Chemical(14) Hime(25) Red Hearts(2)
    (Cool: Chemical(16) Low Enthiric(28) Golden Hearts(3)
    (9): Chemical(18) Enthiric(31) White Hearts(3)

    To refine anything other than a Weapon you need:
    (1): Chemical(3) Low Essence(5)
    (2): Chemical(4) Essence(7)
    (3): Chemical(5) Low Ether(9) Black Hearts(1)
    (4): Chemical(6) Ether(11) Green Hearts(1)
    (5): Chemical(7) High Ether(13) Blue Hearts(1)
    (6): Chemical(Cool Elixer(15) Pink Hearts(2)
    (7): Chemical(9) Hime(18) Red Hearts(2)
    (Cool: Chemical(10) Low Enthiric(22) Golden Hearts(3)
    (9): Chemical(12) Enthiric(25) White Hearts(3)

    The Chemicals the list are refering to are:
    Grey Powder: Quality 6
    Black Powder: Quality 8
    Green Powder: Quality 10
    Blue Powder: Quality 13
    Pink Powder: Quality 16
    Orange Powder: Quality 19
    Golden Powder: Quality 23
    Transparent Powder: Quality 31
    Rainbow Powder: Quality 36
    Lisent (Fe): Quality 40
    Lisent (Cu): Quality 45
    Lisent (Pb): Quality 50
    Lisent (Al): Quality 54
    Lisent (Hg): Quality 58
    Lisent (Na): Quality 62
    Lisent (Cr): Quality 66
    Lisent (Au): Quality 70

    The powder type chemicals drop from monsters in the Goblin Caves located in Adventurer Plains, as well as almost all monsters on Luna. Some of the higher level monsters on Luna can drop Lisent (Fe). For all the other Lisent types, you must go to the Temple on Luna.

    The second material listed in each refine is what we refer to as "refines." These are dropped the same places as the chemicals, going up in quality as the monsters get stronger.

    Hearts are dropped by various monsters throughout the game, a list as best I know is:
    Black: Krawfy Captain, Tyrant Warship, Vulcan, Completing Temple 1 quest with 18 items.
    Green: Grunter Captain, Grunter King, Basalisk/Basalisk Captain, Aqua Guardian, Completing Temple 2 quest with 18 items.
    Blue: Doonga Captain, Aqua Guardian, Tyrant Warship, Dreadnaught/Dreadnaught King, Completing Temple 3 quest with 18 items.
    Pink: Gold Mine Goblin Worker, Grunter Guardian, Golem Guardian, Vulcan
    Red: Worm Dragon, Goblin Guardian, Vulcan, Behemoth King, Astarot King, King Hook
    Golden: Master Stone Golem
    White: Behemoth King

    Things that affect the success rate of refining
    1. The quality of the Chemical you are using.
    2. The current refine level of your item.
    3. The complexity of your item (higher level items are more complex)
    4. The Dur of your item.
    5. The Con of the NPC/Artisan doing the refining (I feel the NPC's have a theoretical Con value).
    6. Luck

    Set Gains from Refining
    Attack Power and Defense/Magic Resistance increase the same way every time regardless of what you do.

    Attack Power increases:
    (1) +3
    (2) +4 (+7 total)
    (3) +5 (+12 total)
    (4) +6 (+18 total)
    (5) +7 (+25 total)
    (6) +8 (+33 total)
    (7) +10 (+43 total)
    (Cool +12 (+55 total)
    (9) +15 (+70 total)

    Defense/Magic Resistance increases (both increase the same with each refine):
    (1) +2
    (2) +2 (+4 total)
    (3) +2 (+6 total)
    (4) +2 (+8 total)
    (5) +2 (+10 total)
    (6) +2 (+12 total)
    (7) +3 (+15 total)
    (Cool +3 (+18 total)
    (9) +6 (+24 total)

    The Truth About Refining
    The whole purpose of refining is to increase your items "Dur" (short for durability). I know this seems odd, but the desired outcome of refining (increasing Dodge and Hit Rate) are directly related to the items Durability. Until the items Durability is maxed at a value of 120, your goal is to increases it as much as possible with each refine.

    Obviously the best way to do this is to use the highest quality Chemical for each refine (in our case that would be Lisent (Na)) but that is not practical as Na's are very expensive. So what to do you ask? Let me start by explaining the way you should think about refining.

    Using Grey Powder to refine to (1) will give you a success rate of 99%. However, this will not provide you with the best possible outcome. While you technically can not have more than 99% success (the games cap on success rate) you can do much, much better. To do this, simply use chemicals that have a higher quality than what is needed for 99% success. If Grey Powder (quality 6) gives you 99% success, imagine how much better using Lisent (Na) (quality 62) would be wink.gif

    The Best Way to Refine
    With that said, the best way to refine is to use the highest quality refines you can afford for at least the first 2 refines, preferably 3. I would HIGHLY recommend you use nothing lower than Lisent (Hg) for these first few refines. Using Lisent (Al) is an option, especially on lower level items, but I would not suggest it. If you can not afford Lisent (Hg)'s or (Na)'s, save your money until you can, it will be worth it.

    After you have the frist few refines out of the way, go back to using Lisent (Pb) or Lisent (Al) until you need to start using the big boys again to get back up to that ~99% success rate. Following the process mentioned above, especially on the lower refines, will cause you to get huge gains in your Dur. The best part about this is that the lower refine levels also require the fewest chemicals to preform the refine, so this is a win win process. Also, this increase in Dur will cause future refines to be more successful, and will either save you money, or allow you to still see some good gains on later refines.

    Another bonus to having a high Durability, is that weapons with a Dur of 110+ will never have to be repaired again. Other equip with 110+ dur, while they will still lose lifespan, do it VERY slowly.

    Just a note, once you get up to refining to (7) and higher you will pretty much lose the ability to get close to a 99% success rate. Just a fact of life due to not having the highest quality chemicals implemented in game.

    Max Dodge
    Max dodge on an item is 45 base dodge. However, this is only for an item that has been refined to (9). Prior to that, items still have a maximum Dodge. Here is a simple formula to figure it out:

    45 - (9 - current refine level) So, an item at (2) can not have more than 45 - (9-2) = 38 dodge.

    Once an item is at max dodge, you will only get an increase of 1 dodge per refine. Does this matter? YES!!! Getting an item to max dodge can save you A LOT of money. If you get an item up to max dodge by (2) (very possible on Donation Items) you no longer have to use expensive refines. Once at max dodge, you can use the cheapest, crappiest Chemicals you can find that still give you a 99% success rate don't want to fail and lose your materials wink.gif

    Using a high Con Artisan to Refine
    I would recommend doing this if you know of one you can trust. Having a high Con will increase the success rate of a refine providing:
    1) Better returns on the low level refines
    2) An increased success rate using lower quality chemicals/on the high level refines

    Failing a Refine
    Most importantly, if you fail a refine you WILL NOT lose your item. However, will lose most, if not all, of the chemicals/refines/hearts being used.

    Failing can also cause a REDUCTION in refine level. I'm not sure exactly how this works, but I know it CAN happen. I think it has something to do with what quality chemical you were trying to use. If it is Lisent (Al) or lower, and you fail going to (6) or higher you will go back 2-3 refine levels. Failing with (Hg) or (Na) may not lead to this...

    Q: I only got +1 dodge using Lisent (Hg)!!!!!!!
    A: Is your item at max dodge? If so you will only get +1 dodge per refine.
    Is your item at a high refine level already/did you have 99% success? The higher level refines require very high quality Chemicals (higher than what we have ingame). Without those, high level refines do not have very good results.
    Hate to say it, but you may have just had some bad luck sad.gif

    Q: Will I lose my item if I fail?
    A: No, but you will lose most, if not all your chemicals/refines/hearts.

    Q: Can I use Rainbow Powder for my first refine?
    A: Of course. You can use whatever quality chemicals you want. What I have outlined is just the process for getting the best return on your money.

    Q: I'm a *non Dodge based character/High Con Character* do I need to worry about this?
    A: Not really. This process is for gaining the largest possible increases in Dodge and Hit Rate. Characters that do not need dodge or a high hit rate can use whatever they need for a ~99% success rate.

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