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    Bourg Guide



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    Bourg Guide

    Post  yamato on Wed Dec 24, 2008 8:07 pm

    Dex based Bourgs are becoming more and more common now. With prison becoming more AoE based, dodge is a key stat to staying alive. Here is one way to make a Gun Bourg, specifically for farming prison and other maps.

    Con : Dex : Sen (see STATS for more information.)


    * decent damage
    * decent critical
    * faster attack speed
    * high hit rate
    * high dodge rate (compared to other *cloth classes)
    * fast move speed (compared to other *cloth classes)
    * can carry more due to their best ammo having 0 weight
    * high skill damage
    * fairly cheap high quality ammo


    * huge lack of defence
    * huge lack of hp
    * lack of magic defence
    * lack of carry weight

    *A cloth class is a class that should not take primary damage due to their lack of defensive attributes. ie. Muses and Dealers.


    I recommend using a very similar skill build as my Gather / launcher bourg guide. Its goes as follows:


    Right click a skill to see more information about a skill, like requirements and other information.


    1st - gathering / stockpile (lvl 5) (passive), this is the only reason a bourg is better then an arti in pve imo. max this skill and get related skills (economy research and pack mastery) to the lvls needed to max gathering, DO NOT get them any higher then the min lvl required to max gathering / stockpile.

    2nd - gun shot and combat masteries (passives). max these by alternating your points between both skills, ie. 1 point in gunshot, 1 point in combat, 1 point in gunshot, etc. until both are maxed.

    3rd - get twin shot lvl 1 and leave it there, this skill is really only there to hit higher lvl bosses.

    (save the rest of your skill points. you may also want to max union weapon due to the fact clerics wont have atk spd buff at this lvl, but imo, tuff it out and dont get it until necessary.)

    AFTER LVL 70 (2nd job change to bourg)

    1st - max gethering (lvl 10), get related skills (economy research and pack mastery) to the lvls needed to max gathering once again. DO NOT get them any higher then the min lvl required to max gathering. (i think it works out to be economy research 9 and pack mastery 3.)

    2nd - max both gunshot and combat masteries (lvl 10), continue to alternate between them till maxed.

    3rd - get twin shot to lvl 10, then continue on to lvl 11 and twin shot will automatically change to triple shot. max triple shot.

    4th - this is where your can change your skill build around, heres a few recommended directions:

    * get the skills required to max hunters (summon skill) (recommended for both pvp, pve and Desert of the Dead)
    * get the skills required to max poison pang (recommended for pve)
    * get the skills required to max sniping shot (recommended for pvp, but since your only getting to around lvl 100, i do not
    recommend this skill)

    Status effects for all dealer skills are as follows:

    smash gun lvl 10: 20 - 25% chance to cause fainted for 5 seconds.
    triple shot lvl 20: 16 - 20% chance to cause 50% slow run.
    poison pang lvl 10: 48 - 60% chance to cause lvl 4 poison for 25 seconds. (aoe poison)


    Each stats effects:

    Strength (STR)
    - Increase Maximum HP
    - Increase Carrying Weight
    - Increase Physical Defense
    - Increase Melee Weapon Damage
    - Increase Ranged Weapon Damage

    Dexterity (DEX)
    - Increase Dodge Rate
    - Increase Movement Speed
    - Increase Bow and Katar
    - Increase Other Melee Weapon Damage
    - Increase Gun Damage

    Intelligence (INT)
    - Increase Maximum MP
    - Increase Magic Defense
    - Increase Magic Attack Damage

    Concentration (CON)
    - Increase HP/MP Regeneration Rate
    - Increase All Attack Accuracy
    - Increase Gun/Launcher Attack Damage
    - Increase Crafting Success Rate

    Charisma (CHA)
    - Increase Quest Reward Bonus
    - Increase Level of Refinement of droped Items

    Sensibility (SEN)
    - Increase Critical Hit Rate (Need around 200 - 230 SEN to have 95 - 99% Critical Rate.)
    - Increase Skill Damage (Benefits Triple Shot greatly)
    - Increase Quality of Crafted Items

    Since your using a gun, a recommended stat guide for below lvl 100 is as follows:

    Dex - have this high enough so that most yellow monsters around your lvl will miss you 80 - 90% of the time. usually about the same as your lvl (this will be raised higher once u get 175+).
    Sen - u will not need very much into this stat to begin with. by about lvl 80 u should have your sen at about 60 - 70.
    Con - rest of your stat points go into here, this is your main stat along with dex.


    5/20 is your best equip by far (like most other classes). but seen as how expensive this is, i would recommend only using 7/7 str/dex or 3/15 str/atk equip. reasons why:


    * due to having low defence, this amount of str is much need for the added defence
    * same as above, but for hp
    * adds to your carry weight


    * adds to your primary defence, dodge
    * adds to your moving speed
    * adds to your attack power


    For PvE:

    i recommend using a full G7 set for the attack power and the dodge. this will help you greatly with staying alive in higher level maps.

    For PvP:

    the only gems i recommend using are Saphires or Peridots (or a mixture of both). the most commonly used combination of these gems for a gun bourg is 2 P7 + 2 S7. This combination is well rounded for both pvp.


    The following is the stats for all Dealer summons at level 10:


    Walk Speed 279
    Run Speed 608
    Level 65
    HP 136,175
    Atk 209
    Hit 180
    Def 216
    M-def 109
    Avo 73
    A-spd 118


    Walk Speed 275
    Run Speed 600
    Level 74
    HP 150,220
    Atk 245
    Hit 224
    Def 199
    M-def 93
    Avo 110
    A-spd 118

    Terror Knight

    Walk Speed 205
    Run Speed 460
    Level 88
    HP 215,600
    Atk 295
    Hit 225
    Def 226
    M-def 111
    Avo 92
    A-spd 109

    Terror is the combined Merc + Hunter on def and atk, but it runs like a turtle and attacks rather slow. It cost more summon points too.
    Merc is cheaper tank that will do the same job and for attack hunter is ranged and do about same damage.

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